8 ways to Eat your Beans

8 ways to Eat your Beans

Ways to enjoy beans

  1. Eat beans on salads
  2. Use beans in soups
  3. Thicken sauces with beans
  4. Make a dip with beans
  5. Use beans in sandwiches
  6. Add beans to pasta
  7. Make vegetarian chilli with beans
  8. Top baked potatoes with beans

Beans have big benefits!

As you probably know beans are an excellent source of fibre. 1 cup of beans contains up to 13g of fibre and this includes soluble fibre which help lower cholesterol.

Beans are also an excellent plant-based source of protein, having up to 18g per cup (and without the saturated fat and cholesterol found in animal protein) .

Beans are a good source of iron, with 1 cup supplying over 20% of the daily requirement for women and 35% for men.

Beans also supply calcium, with 1 cup supplying almost 20% of the daily requirement.

Beans are low in salt and saturated fat.

Also beans are relatively low cost and easy to store so overall they are a very nutritious and versatile foodstuff.

Follow the instructions for soaking and cooking to remove any unwanted anti-nutrients which may be locked in the outer bran or seed coating.
Add variety to your diet by trying different types of beans e.g. Aduki beans, Alfalfa, Broad beans, Carob, Black beans, Haricot beans, Kidney beans, Butter beans, Mung beans, Pinto beans and Green beans.