Reach your Optimum Weight

Reach your optimum weightLose Weight

Many of us want to lose weight but find fad diets don’t work. We might initially see some weight loss but find it hard to maintain as we drift back to our normal eating habits. There is no silver bullet or quick-fix diet to lose weight fast. In order to maintain an optimum weight in the long-term, we need to change how we relate to food and understand what food is truly healthy for us. When we understand what type of food satisfies our bodies we eliminate cravings and hunger pangs.



Weight Loss Made Easy

  • Switch to a low-GL diet. In practice this means replacing carbohydrates (especially simple sugars) with fruit, vegetables and fibre. I recommend 7 portions of fruit & vegetables a day with the balance in favour of vegetables.
  • Keep hydrated and drink a glass of water 1 hour before meals
  • Eat unprocessed wholefoods that nourish your body (eat real food!)
  • Watch your portion sizes (try smaller plates)
  • Eat mindfully and enjoy your food (this aids digestion and helps you feel full)
  • Take regular snacks and do not starve yourself


Healthy Eating Plan

My approach is gentle one that strives to improve your overall wellbeing. The key is to shift those stubborn pounds gradually (1-2 lbs/week max) so that they stay away. Early results will motivate you to continue.

My approach is an individual one – we will formulate a plan that suits your lifestyle and personal circumstances. There is no one size fits all. Together we will look at ways of incorporating some exercise into your routine so that you feel more energised and to accelerate weight loss. I will apply tools such as The Ideal Plate and the Core Food Plan to compile meal plans. My approach is a no-nonsense one that does not rely on the latest trendy or fad diet.