Louise from Galway

“I went to Helen for 3 consultations as I needed help and advice on my low energy levels. Before the first consultation I tracked what I was eating over a 3-day period. Helen analysed my food diary and it turned out I was quite low on some crucial vitamins. She was able to advise me what foods to add to my diet and which to avoid. She also gave me very simple tips, including the mantra ‘Eat a rainbow’ which aims to get as much variety in colour into your diet as possible and this helps me when I’m shopping.

Also Helen is great for advice on what supplements to take. I feel it’s incredibly confusing as there’s so much to choose from and unbeknownst to you, you could be taking supplements that don’t work well together or you may need to take a mineral to balance another one. I had been buying a few products which weren’t good quality (which I didn’t realise) so I switched and now feel confident that I’m taking what I need and no more. It’s great to be able to pop into Helen who also works part-time at Eats of Eden in Limerick (a great health store with fabulous staff and a belief in quality products). I highly recommend meeting Helen for a few consultations – it is well worth investing in yourself, ensuring peace of mind that you are making the right choices for your health.”