Mags from Limerick

“Helen has enlightened  and encouraged me to view and evaluate food in a different way. She supported this with great fact sheets and clear examples. She showed me the importance of natural and organic food. She provided recipes & a personalised action plan to help me to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Thank you Helen.”

Carmel from Clare
“Our paths crossed accidentally but I think it was fate. Like some of the other testimonials, I too thought I was a ‘healthy eater’. I met with Helen for 3 sessions and the information she shared with me was a real education. I was a longtime sufferer of stomach/gut issues and flatulence, and this was something I needed guidance on. After an in-depth analysis and review, Helen introduced me to better foods and I haven’t looked back since. I was eating solely to fill a gap. Now I have a new healthy relationship with food whereby I eat the foods that I enjoy and that are good for me.
My nutritional awareness has wholly increased and I now look forward to eating. My stomach/gut issues have dramatically decreased and I know I am on the right path to a healthier body. To understand food and their nutritional value is key for all people of all ages and I would highly recommend Helen. Thanks.”
Margaret from Limerick

I went to Helen to help with hormone imbalance as I felt my poor diet was contributing to this. Helen was very nice and understanding and gave me tips for a better diet and recipes. I feel so much better and healthier now and I have more energy. I have even started to cook which is new for me so am delighted with the results.

Louise from Galway

“I went to Helen for 3 consultations as I needed help and advice on my low energy levels. Before the first consultation I tracked what I was eating over a 3-day period. Helen analysed my food diary and it turned out I was quite low on some crucial vitamins. She was able to advise me what foods to add to my diet and which to avoid. She also gave me very simple tips, including the mantra ‘Eat a rainbow’ which aims to get as much variety in colour into your diet as possible and this helps me when I’m shopping.

Also Helen is great for advice on what supplements to take. I feel it’s incredibly confusing as there’s so much to choose from and unbeknownst to you, you could be taking supplements that don’t work well together or you may need to take a mineral to balance another one. I had been buying a few products which weren’t good quality (which I didn’t realise) so I switched and now feel confident that I’m taking what I need and no more. It’s great to be able to pop into Helen who also works part-time at Eats of Eden in Limerick (a great health store with fabulous staff and a belief in quality products). I highly recommend meeting Helen for a few consultations – it is well worth investing in yourself, ensuring peace of mind that you are making the right choices for your health.”

Patricia from Cork

“I thought I was a relatively healthy eater, until Helen suggested I keep a food diary.  It turned out that all the low- fat foods I thought were good for me were full of sugar which was much worse for me than fat.

Helen introduced me to eating a rainbow on my plate, as well as explaining the science behind how unprocessed foods can boost metabolism and provide antioxidants.  So now I have changed my habits, and am buying a lot more unprocessed, and hence less sugary food.  The first month was hard, but after that it became a habit – a good habit!  As a result of less processed foods, my metabolism has increased, and as a bonus I’ve managed to shed a few pounds just in time for a family wedding.  Thank you Helen for your encouragement and support, especially during that first month.”


Michelle from Limerick

“I had lost my way when it came it healthy eating and weight loss. My mother in law suggested going to see Helen. I couldn’t imagine how much meeting this lady would change my way of thinking. I am so delighted to have met her. I have made so many changes in my life and reaping the benefits. Thank you Helen.”

Colm from Clare

“Thanks to Helen for the feedback after my third consultation and also her help since last March. Helen gave me the tools and information to make adjustments to my diet that are life-changing and there is no going back to my old habits in the new year. I will contact Feel Good Nutrition again for another consultation. Keep up the good work!”

Kate from Headway Limerick

“The clients of Headway took part in an eight week nutrition course with Helen. Great feedback was received from the sessions. Clients found it to be inclusive, interactive and enjoyable. Many of the clients found the sessions hugely beneficial in educating them around their food choices and have since adopted changes to their diets. Helen taught the clients the importance of understanding food labeling, where to buy and how to reduce sugar intake – we are still discussing this on a daily basis! Thanks again Helen, from all at Headway.”

Lorraine from Limerick

I met with Helen for three sessions after recently being diagnosed as a coeliac. Helen was extremely helpful and really listened to me taking a holistic view of my life. I also have an underactive thyroid which Helen had a great knowledge of. Although I only met with Helen three times she gave me lots of recipes and advice that will benefit me throughout my life.”

Pat from Tipperary

“If you want good advice on your lifestyle
and into your step put a zing,
Reinvent your condition, with Feel Good Nutrition
and just give young Helen a ring.”

Sarah from Limerick

“I met with Helen 3 times as I wanted to lose a little weight and also improve my energy levels and help with insomnia. Helen was very pleasant to deal with and she gave great advice but was never pushy. She asked me to keep a food diary over 3 days and on analysing this she found my diet quite high in caffeine, sugar and saturated fat.

The tips she gave me helped improve all issues I had without me ever feeling hungry or deprived. Simple things like introducing me to tasty herbal teas really helped.

I would recommend Helen to anyone who would like to make small or large changes to their diet as she really listens.”

Mary from Limerick

“I had three consultations with Helen to help with regulating my energy levels, particularly during and after prolonged exercise. These consultations were very comprehensive involving detailed analysis of my existing eating habits and food intake.

Helen provided me with information on nutrition in a very practical way that has made a great difference to my energy levels throughout the day and when exercising. Helen’s approach is research-based with a very practical lifestyle fit application.”